Meet the NEC Team


Dana Ferris, Facility Director

As the Facility Director for the National Equestrian Center, Dana Ferris brings customer-centered service, organized administration, solid leadership, high energy, and needed cohesion to the NEC team.


Dana’s contributions translate to an enjoyable experience for all who come through the NEC’s doors – both staff and guests alike. Her positive outlook ensures that hosted exhibitors leave with fond memories that will last a lifetime and form a warm relationship for years to come. When it comes to guests, Dana explains, “When we are a part of their positive experience, that's our positive experience.”




Claudia Rutherford, Sales & Sponsors Manager

Claudia’s 25 plus years of sales management alongside her proud history showing with multiple equestrian clubs and organizations make her a valuable contributor to the NEC team. While she may be relatively new to her position, she is an old friend and long-time member of the communities she serves and, consequently, possesses a crucial understanding of who equestrians are and what they want.


As the Sales and Sponsors Manager, she is excited to assist those looking to grow their roots and their opportunities in the showing world. She is deeply dedicated to working closely with clients so to forge mutually beneficial programs, packages, and relationships between businesses and customers and between the NEC and its partners. With Claudia’s help, the NEC is aiming to grow its own opportunities in the showing world and welcomes both new and old organizations, clubs, and individuals to connect with Claudia soon.




Wayne Mathieu, Event Operations Manager

As a valuable member of the team since 2001, Wayne arguably is the icon of the National Equestrian Center. He was promoted in 2018 to Operations Manager, and his invaluable historic knowledge of both the Facility and the groups who hold events here helps to ensure that shows run smoothly and efficiently without losing long-standing traditions. He truly understands what is needed before anyone asks!


“We have a great team and great customers to work with,” Wayne says. He firmly believes that the best part of his job is making sure everyone who comes through the NEC’s doors is happy, and he especially enjoys meeting new faces that develop into lasting relationships.




Ann Gioia, Catering & Café Manager

Bringing more than 20 years of customer relations experience to the National Equestrian Center – along with a wide breadth of horse experience – Catering and Café Manager Ann Gioia has a passion for ensuring a positive, memorable experience for guests at the NEC.


Ann brings an appealing personal touch to the kitchen with a valuable knack for home-cooking and comfort food. Her flair, her smile and her event planning skills are all welcome ingredients at any exhibitor party or a private event hosted in the NEC’s banquet halls. Embracing the practical, she understands the horse community and beyond, firmly believing the extraordinarily dedicated team at the NEC can make a positive difference in the lives of all NEC’s guests.




Tracy Miller, Events & Services Coordinator

Tracy has joined NEC in the pivotal role of Events and Services Coordinator managing all administrative aspects of our event plans that culminate in organized, smoothly conducted events. She offers many years of equestrian rider and competitor experience and has a respected history of managing and directing equine training, boarding and nutrition programs. 


Essentially, Tracy is the point-of-contact for exhibitors seeking to reserve R.V. Pads, order shavings, arrange layovers, join open rides or utilize any of the other many services offered by NEC. She is also the key contact for show organizers communicating show schedules, stabling assignments, equipment needs and all other event-specific details that help to prepare for a successful event.


Her contagious smile and affable confidence make Tracy a "must meet" person who confirms that the most satisfying part of working at NEC is "customer satisfaction. Making people happy makes [me] happy."

Megan Gregory, Barns & Grounds Manager


Megan’s professional background in grounds management and maintenance brings to NEC yet another valuable improvement. As the NEC’s Barns & Grounds Manager, she is responsible for prioritizing the maintenance and improvement of our physical properties including our buildings, barns, parking lots and pasture spaces. Additionally, she is the hub for much of NEC’s cyclical, routine activities - coordinating employees, contractors, inspectors, and a variety of other critical tasks that ensure the NEC is in peak operating condition.  


Eager to see the NEC thrive, Megan doesn’t underestimate the power of one, believing that no matter what your role, you contribute to the overall success not only of the facility but also of the facility’s guests. Most of all, Megan loves seeing everyone make themselves at home in the barns, taking pride in the smiles and laughter throughout the shows.








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